The mediator guides the parties to resolve the issue themselves

brings people together to reach a mutually beneficial resolution

The mediator does not make any decisions but guides the parties to resolve the issue themselves. It can be a voluntary process initiated before legal action or at any time during the legal process. It may also be a court-mandated process. The mediator does not take sides and does not pass judgment. The mediator cannot provide legal advice.

Mediation is The Right Choice® when it comes to privacy. Mediations are confidential meetings not recorded for the public record. All parties hold the information revealed during the mediation process in strictest confidence unless they agree otherwise. For example, they may agree to share information with their lawyers or other advisors. It is highly recommended that the parties obtain independent legal advice prior to signing a mediated agreement.

Global Mediation Network® is The Right Choice® for parties when looking for a mediator.

Mediation is The Right Choice®

When it comes to reducing the emotional and financial costs involved in resolving conflict through a lengthy litigation process, mediation is generally faster, more efficient and more affordable.

*Mediation works best when there is equality and respect between the parties and a willingness to resolve matters in a way that is fair to everyone. Mediation may not be suitable if there has been a history of abuse or ill-treatment between the clients.