The exposure and support you need

the exposure and support you need

If you are a mediator and want to join our team, registering with Global Mediation Network is FREE and SIMPLE. Become part of a worldwide network of qualified individuals committed to providing superior customer service.

Setting up an independent mediation practice can be costly and time consuming

Becoming part of the Global Mediation Network® gives you the exposure and support you need to help build a successful mediation practice or enhance an existing practice by generating new business.

Global Mediation Network® will provide services that can ease the burden of running a business:

  • We do the marketing
  • We schedule the date, time and locations of meetings
  • We take care of billing
  • We handle customer service
  • All you need to do is facilitate the mediation


If you register with us and provide your credentials and experience we will consider you for all clients that fall within your area of expertise.

We are looking for mediators to join our worldwide roster of mediation professionals. We intend to become the one stop source for people looking for mediators in all jurisdictions and disciplines including:

  • Family Disputes
  • Civil Disputes
  • Corporate & Business Issues
  • Labour & Employment Disputes
  • Landlord/Tenant Rights
  • Professional Negligence

  • Insurance Claims
  • Human Rights Issues
  • Faith Based Communities
  • Not-For-Profit & Charitable Organizations
  • Culturally Diverse Groups
  • Sexually Diverse Groups

Our aim is to match the right mediator with the right client helping assure success on all levels.